We value the continuous improvement of character through self-discipline. We endeavour to be respectful and honourable people and use martial arts as a vehicle to develop our human potential. We believe that through perseverance and dedication we can become stronger people both physically and mentally. The knowledge of martial arts is great for self defense but the true value of training is in its ability to transform someone into a person of great integrity.


Sensei Rui Castro began teaching in Toronto, Canada in 1988 with the permission of Kancho Okuyama of the I.K.A. In 2002 he established a dojo in a local community centre in Brampton. The dojo was thriving. In 2018, he and his son began looking for a better space. They dreamed of having a state of the art facility where they could take the quality of their instruction to the next level and have more room for the growing community of students. In 2019 they found a unit on Dixie and Orenda road, in the heart of Brampton and with many helping hands they renovated the unit into the great dojo that exists now.

What We Teach

We pride ourselves in not conforming to any style in particular. We follow the notion of Kaizen in which our dojo is named after and strive to continue improving as martial artists and people through continuous learning, experimentation and adaptation. We have been heavily influenced by Karate as it was our head instructors first encounter with martial arts. Our class structure and techniques are influenced by this method, however, our instructors have had their own unique experiences that have shaped their training methods. This makes their classes interesting, unique, extremely effective and practical. Our typical classes include training in punches, elbows, kicks, knees, throws, takedowns, submissions, and joint locks. We will always be modifying our curriculum. Although we do compete and do it well we are a school focused on teaching self defence and discipline.

Our Team

Sensei Rui Castro

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Sensei Rui Castro is the Chief instructor at Kaizen Martial Arts. In 1975, Rui Castro began his martial arts journey in Portimão, Portugal where he trained Shotokan Karate-do under chief instructors Pete Pachèco and Vilaça Pinto. They were both trained by the great masters Nakayama and Kanazawa. During intensive practice in both Portimão and Lisbon he had the honour of training with guest instructors such as Nakayama, Kanazawa, Enoeda, Tomita and Tanaka Sensei. In between this time he also served in the Navy from 1981-1983. In 1984. He earned his first degree black belt from the legendary Sensei Mikio Yahara. It was at this time that his chief instructor asked Sensei Rui to begin teaching classes. In 1987, Rui moved to Toronto, Canada where he continued practicing Karate. In 1988, he was introduced to Kancho Takemasa Okuyama of the International Karate Association. He decided that he would resume his training under this great master. He has been training Karate for 44 years and has been given the rank of 7th dan.

Sensei Rob Castro

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Sensei Rob Castro is an instructor and director of operations. He has been training karate for 26 years and has been teaching for 17. He has been trained by his father, Sensei Rui Castro and Sensei Okuyama Takemasa. He earned his 5th dan in 2018. He has had experience working in private law enforcement where he worked many high risk jobs before becoming the general manager of the company he worked for. In his spare time he is interested in fitness, nutrition and learning many other martial arts which he incorporates into his curriculum. He is currently on the board of directors of the Ontario Karate Federation as secretary.

Melissa Castro

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Melissa Castro is our chief administrative officer and one of our adult beginners in karate. She has a bachelor’s degree in social work as well as a diploma in child & youth work. She works as a special needs teaching assistant and tutor when she’s not training karate or handling our administration.